Rodrigo Muñoz

I’m a designer for social innovation, communication designer and producer. Urgency is a word I hate and love. When I was 23 years old I started working at a TV company, where I became the general producer. I was constantly worrying about so many things. One day, the weird sensation in my body started feeling more intense. A pain so intense I couldn’t even stand up, lie down or sit down. I had pancreatitis, a severe inflammation of the pancreas that is common in alcoholics and/or people above the age of 50. I was 23. After couple months after this event I quit my job. I was so scared to work again, I felt stupid and useless. My body shook at night while I slept, remembering my time at work and in the hospital.

Years later I found a quiz about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, one kind of anxiety, I filled it out thinking about that horrible time now passed and I got a score of 50, when the average was 30. I didn’t know about anxiety until that moment, but I was sure I had felt it before. I learned I was not the only one dealing with anxiety. Everything started making sense.

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Rinat Sherzer

I’m a passionate entrepreneur creating ventures at the intersection of tech, design & social good. Curious world traveler, people lover and inspired by everything.

Hypersensitivity is my blessing and curse. I was born with this sense of sensing everything and everybody. It is an extremely powerful gift. I can feel others on deep levels, empathise with them and give advice that comes from a genuine place. This gift greatly enhances my talent as a designer-engineer and an entrepreneur. However, it is also a curse. Like I said, I feel everything and everybody. An angry man can pass down the street 100 feet away from me, and I would feel his anger taking over me. People’s sadness and misery get under my skin in a paralysing way.

As a result of this hypersensitivity, I’ve been suffering from anxiety for as long as I can remember.

My aim is to master the skills of how and when to use this special gift of hypersensitivity. To know how to manage it so I can protect myself from negative energies and use this ability to give goodness back to people. I envision a world where every person knows how to use their amazing gifts and hope to facilitate that for others.

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Jess Suttner

I'm an illustrator and designer born and raised in Chicago, educated at California College of the Arts in the Bay Area, and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. I glean inspiration from all things nautical, musical and well lit.

I’ve struggled on and off with depression ever since I was a teenager. Anxiety has played a large role in this, as I would often feel that I was not good enough, or that I was not trying enough to escape it, depression and anxiety quickly become cyclical. However, creativity and artwork is been a powerful tool to fight back with!

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