Let's get started


1 Pick 6 different textures

We are surrounded by dozens of them everywhere we are, you simply need to go and collect them. Here is our suggestion: Cotton balls, rubber bands, leather, sandpaper, fur, and glass. 

2 Close your eyes 

We recommend to use a blindfold. Then take a few deep breaths. 

3 Touch

Pick one texture at a time and play around with it. Feeling its sensation with you fingertips, hands, arms and face.

4 Pick one

Pick the one you are most drawn to at this moment. Don’t analyze why, just pick it.

5 How do you feel?

How does this texture make you feel? Where do you feel this sensation in your body? Does it remind you of something? 

6 Write it down

Write these thoughts and feelings down. Throughout the day keep the texture close to you, touch it and write down anything that comes to your mind, body and soul.