Rinat Shezrer, Co-Founder IT MAKES SENSE

Rinat Shezrer, Co-Founder IT MAKES SENSE

Hypersensitivity is my blessing and curse. I was born with this sense of sensing everything and everybody. It is an extremely powerful gift. I can feel others on deep levels, empathize with them and give advice that comes from a genuine place. This gift greatly enhances my talent as a designer-engineer and an entrepreneur. However, it is also a curse. As I said, I feel everything and everybody. An angry man can pass down the street 100 feet away from me, and I would feel his anger taking over me. People’s sadness and misery get under my skin in a paralyzing way.

As a result of this hypersensitivity, I’ve been suffering from anxiety for as long as I can remember. It has always been something that I’ve had, a steady state of being. Even now, as I’m writing these sentences I feel the emptiness of fear filling up my body.

The climax of my anxiety was on a regular day in mid 2010. Before I tell you about this pivotal day, it is important to explain what anxiety is for me, as it has diverse forms and manifests in a variety of ways for different people. The root of anxiety is constant worrying and fear. My particular worries and fears were constantly accompanied by deep sharp, stabbing chest pains.

Back to that day in mid 2010, at the time I was leading the product launch of Israel’s most successful startup company. I was under immense tension and tight deadlines. My boss believed that shouting and endlessly demanding was a motivating approach. Being a hypersensitive person this did not do me well. My chest pains got worse and worse, I wasn’t able to eat without getting extremely nauseous. I was continuously worrying that any second something horrible is going to happen.

One morning, while I was driving to work my body started shaking, I’m saying my body because it actually felt like an external object to me, detached from anything I had control over. This shaking resulted in almost losing control of the car, luckily I managed to pull off the highway. I spent a good deal of time on the side of the road, shaking and throwing up.

Eventually this day of burnout lead me to quit my job and explore ways to live a better life and help myself and others with their anxiety. My self imposed program started off with half a year in India doing yoga and meditation from dawn to dusk and is still continuing on till this day with the creating of It Makes Sense.

My aim is to master the skills of how and when to use this special gift of hypersensitivity. To know how to control and manage it so I can protect myself from negative energies and use this ability to give goodness back to people. I envision a world where every person knows how to use their amazing gifts and hope to facilitate that for others.